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WindowPlay is simple player of sound and video . With simple options missing from all the readers I know, like overlay on open window, multi size for the player (untill 10px by 10px), share playlist on the web etc.

Open video or song directory, click menu Open Directory

Add videos URL in playlist file ( Youtube, Daylimotion, Vimeo ), click menu Modify local playlist for add URLs to file and click menu Load local playlist, and click Play button

Download web playlist by url, configure cnf.ini file to add URL download playlist file and click menu Update WEB playlist

Overlay on open windows
  • Size multiformat
  • Overlay on open windows
  • Support for all audio and video formats
  • Playlist creation with videos from Youtube
  • Ability to connect an online playlist URL

Modify keyboard option in cnf.ini file. Click menu Config File cnf.ini and click Open and click Reload or restart software

Keyboard “M” [77] in cnf.ini file = Show/Hide menu

Keyboard “PAGE UP” [33] in cnf.ini file = Show/Hide Form and Play Pause

Keyboard “BEGINNING” [36] in cnf.ini file = Show/Hide Border

Default cnf.ini file (modify value, not change line!)

# Show/Hide Menu
# Show/Hide Form
# Show/Hide Border
# URL WEB playlist
# List visible/hide auto on/off 0/1

Decimal value, keyboard key here

Download zip files

WindowPlay use VLC media player technology, see Intellectual Property WEB page here ->