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Install and Admin a Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) server on Ubuntu

Csgoscript is a script for installing and Admin a server Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Sourcemod/Metamod plugins.

version 1065

  1. Download script here (Right click and save as):

On terminal:

wget -P folder_install
chmod +x csgoscript

CSGOSCRIPT version 1065

Change line:
line (18) STEAM_LOGIN="LOGIN"  Create account for this, not use your real steam account!

# Configure the maps of the ‘mapcycle.txt’ and ‘maplist.txt’ files according to the Game Mode, they will be loaded at server startup.

line (70) MAP_CONFIG="0"  # MAP_CONFIG 1 ON / 0 OFF
line (99) IP=""

# GSLT Is required for running a public server. More info and create

line (124) GSLT="FBD2Bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
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Update for DirectExplore


Update available for DirectExplore.


– Fix, button not display in new window open
– Add cleanup button for the backup folder delete
– Add multi FTP directory
– Add compress folder
– Add new window for file and folder explorer
– Keyboard shortcuts removed


– Minor fix


– Modification du Menu.
– Relecture du Code source.


– Ajout des touches raccourcis.
– Minor fix.
– Possibilité d’afficher une extensions parmi d’autre type.
– Relecture du Code source.


– Ajout de la vérification des mises à jour du logiciel.
– Modification du Menu.
– Modification de la gestion des projets récents ouverts.


– Enregistrement de la taille et du placement de la fenêtre à la fermeture.


– Ajout du glisser/déposer vers les fenêtres de répertoires ouverts.
– Sauvegarde des derniers projets ouverts pour un accès plus rapide.
– Amélioration graphique.
– Compatibilité améliorée pour Windows 10.


– Ajout  modification de la transparence de la fenêtre.
– Ajout possibilité de placer la fenêtre au Top (au-dessus de toutes les autres fenêtre ouvertes).
– Variation des couleurs de fonds des répertoires ouverts.
– Ajout de boutons sur la barre d’outils.

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How to Disable Xbox DVR in Windows 10


Users experiencing low FPS or FPS loss after upgrading to Windows 10 may resolve the issue by disabling the Xbox DVR feature.

Turn off Xbox DVR through the Registry Editor with xDVRdisable.

What are the changes made by the software ?

  • Modify registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore
  • Set the value of DWORD “GameDVR_Enabled” to 0 or 1.
  • Modify registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\
  • Create key “GameDVR”.
  • Create or Delete DWORD 32bit called “AllowGameDVR” and set to 0.


Les utilisateurs ayant subis un faible FPS ou une perte de FPS après la mise à niveau vers Windows 10 peuvent résoudre le problème en désactivant la fonction Xbox DVR.

Éteignez Xbox DVR via l’éditeur de registre avec xDVRdisable.

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CVHASH is a Tool to Verify File Integrity

When you download a file from the internet, quite often you cannot be 100% guaranteed that the file has not been changed in some way from the original. With CVHASH verify file integrity, you can generate a hash value for file, directory and block of text. Save the result to a .sha, .md5 or text file for later verification and more.